"Microwave Photonics: an Introduction" - Maurizio Burla

Ciclo di lezioni tenute dal

Prof. Maurizio BURLA,
Technical University of Berlin
ERC Starting Grant

13/12/2023, Wed., 8:30-11:30, Aula 8
15/12/2023, Fri., 8:30-11:30, Lab. Multidisciplinare


"Microwave Photonics: an Introduction"

Abstract – Microwave photonics aims at combining the best of the two worlds of microwaves and optics. Its main scope is to assist or enhance the performance of  microwave systems using photonic circuits. In this series of seminars we will discuss the basics of microwave photonics, the fundamentals of microwave photonic links, and discuss some applications in microwave signal generation and filtering.