Mercoledì 20 marzo alle ore 14.30 il Prof. Giuseppe Liotta  terrà il seminario dell'iniziativa La Primavera dell’Informatica Teorica dal titolo "The Bend-Minimization Problem in Orthogonal Graph Drawing".

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In the field of Graph Drawing, a classic and well-studied problem is computing orthogonal drawings of planar graphs with the minimum number of bends. This problem has been approached in two ways:

  • Fixed embedding setting: The input specifies a particular planar embedding of the graph, and the algorithm must find an orthogonal drawing that minimizes bends while respecting this embedding.
  • Variable embedding setting: The algorithm has the freedom to choose among all possible planar embeddings of the graph, aiming to find an embedding that allows for an orthogonal drawing with the minimum number of bends.

In this talk, I will provide a brief overview of the most important findings for both approaches and discuss some key directions for future research.