Structural mechanics activity at DI can be divided in the following fields:
Seismic vulnerability surveys. The research activity is focussed on the development of a procedure able to compare and assess the seismic performance of the buildings in synthetic way.

Diagnosis and therapy of structural failures – seismic assessment of existing building. The research activity is focused on the study of the effectiveness of innovative techniques for strengthening historical and monumental buildings.

Masonry constructions. Analysis of the mechanical behaviour of masonry buildings and experimental campaign aimed to provide representative values of the mechanical parameters of masonry constructions.

Structural crystals. Mechanical behaviour of glass structures; numerical analysis and experimental tests of materials and structures such as glass, wood, masonry and composite materials; monitoring of structures by means fibre optic grating strain sensors and digital image correlation technique. The abovementioned research activities are developed within the activities of the several national projects funded by public body and private institutions.