Thermal engineering and industrial energy systems − ING-IND/10 − Fisica tecnica industriale
Basics and applications of applied physics in the industrial and agronomic field. The main focus is on: basic thermodynamics, thermo-fluid dynamics, heat transmission, energy engineering, thermo-economics, the thermodynamic, economical and environmental analysis of energy processes and the rational use of energy in the manufacturing area. Particular attention is given to experimental studies in: thermal energy transfer and the thermo-fluid dynamic behaviour of conventional and mini-micro systems, micro-thermo fluidics, development of knowledge regarding thermophysical properties of materials and thermodynamic and thermophysical properties of fluids, problems regarding the use of renewable energy sources, cogeneration and high efficiency productive processes, the design of thermotechnical plants and components, heat pumps and cooling systems, environmental and acoustic analysis, thermo-fluid dynamics measures and adjustments for proper investigation and diagnostics and control.