The Environmentally Sustainable Energy Conversion Systems group have appropriate technical skills and equipment for relevant research applications regarding:

Analysis and development of sub-system for ICE aimed at containing CO2 emission, analysis of combustion in optical engines, analysis of the behavior of ICE with non conventional fuels, analysis and optimization of components for the vehicle's intake and exhaust systems.

Analysis and development of application for diagnosis and control of ICE with artificial intelligence techniques, development of innovative applications for Scroll Machines, fluid dynamic analysis and optimization of industrial facility's components.
Development of numeric models of jets from injectors, analysis of water-urea injection systems for SCR facilities, analysis of spray injection GDI and Diesel systems, analysis of hydraulic performances of common-rail systems.

Analysis of use of synthesis gas in engines, turbine and fuel cells, energetic system diagnosis, analysis of dynamic behavior of fuel cells systems, sorption enhanced steam reforming, solid state CO2 absorption, analysis of performances of micro-generation systems with high temperature fuel cells, innovative use of high temperature fuel cells as electrolyzers.

Micro-generation from biomass with pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion, gasification and combustion technologies, LCA analysis of agro-energy chain, study of reduction systems for CO2 emissions, energy savings and sustainability in buildings.

Analysis and development of anaerobic digestion system for urban and industrial waste, innovative landfill management, energetic and environmental optimization of waste management system.