The PhD Course in Industrial and Information Engineering of University of Perugia offers a number of seminars, which can be attended either in person or online (webinar), depending on speakers' availability.

13 Apr 2023
Le nuove sfide dell’Intelligenza Artificiale
Giuseppe F. Italiano,
Luiss, Course Director "Data Science and Management"
15 Feb 2023
How to face global challenges? The role of natural computing and chemical artificial intelligence
Pier Luigi Gentili,
Department of Chemistry, Biology, and Biotechnology - University of Perugia
31 Jan 2023
Control System Techniques in Aerospace and Smart Grids
Gianni Bianchini, Antonio Giannitrapani, Andrea Garulli,
Systems and Control Group, Università di Siena
26 Oct 2022
Developing rate-rate digital twins for structures under shock loading
Austin Downey,
Department of Mechanical Engineering - University of South Carolina, USA
Oct 2022
tue 11 - 11:30
wed 12 - 9:30
thu 13 - 11:30
Fatigue Analysis by Finite Element Method and multi-paradigm programming language (MATLAB)
Adam Jan Nieslony,
Opole University of Technology (Poland)
20 Oct 2022
Artificial Intelligence for Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring and Structural Health Monitoring
Yolanda Vidal Segui,
UPC - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
19 May 2022
Training Fully Connected Neural Networks is ∃R-Complete
Paul Jungeblut,
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
17 May 2022
Il mondo della Cybersecurity non è solo IT: L'importanza di OT e (I)IOT
Ing. Emilio Maria Papalini,
9 May 2022
On the tracks of elementary particles
Duccio Abbaneo,
5 May 2022
Human and robotic hands
Monica Malvezzi,
University of Siena
6 Apr 2022 Research capabilities from the Applied Geotechnologies Research Group
Dr. Lucía Díaz Vilariño,
University of Vigo
6 Apr 2022 Some Problems Related to the Space of Optimal Tree Reconciliations
Tiziana Calamoneri,
Univ. "La Sapienza", Roma
23 Nov 2021 Reuse of biomass for bio-polymers and bio-based composites
Debora Puglia
Univ. Perugia
10 Nov 2021 Indoor-outdoor comfort in the built environment through multidimensional analysis: facing two sides of the same issue for improving livability in buildings and cities
Anna Laura Pisello,
Univ. Perugia
21 Oct 2021 Gas hydrates: state of the art and scientific evidence discovered in the Hydrates Lab sited in Terni
Alberto Gambelli,
Univ. Perugia
6 Oct 2021
Digitalizzazione Industriale: Case Study OMA
C. Menciotti, D. Amici,
OMA (Officine Meccaniche Aeronautiche)
30 Sep 2021 Complexity Science and the XXI Century Challenges
Pier Luigi Gentili,
Univ. Perugia
23 Jun 2021 Texture and color descriptors for visual recognition: an overview of methods applications
F. Bianconi,
Univ. Perugia
9 Jun 2021
Risk and territorial resilience
M. Lombardi, M. Guarascio,
Univ. La Sapienza
26 May 2021
Additive Manufacturing: processi e ottimizzazione di equipaggiamenti aeronautici
C. Menciotti, M. Tesei,
OMA (Officine Meccaniche Aeronautiche)
20 May 2021 Robotics and Haptics: a Wearable Perspective
D. Prattichizzo,
Univ. Siena
18 May 2021 Safe, Sustainable and Low-cost Electromagnetic Technologies for the Internet of Things
L. Tarricone,
Univ. Lecce