The University of Perugia offers numerous services and initiatives to its students to experience the university period not only as a period of study, but also as a 360° enrichment of the person. All offered services are available at the link

Transportation and mobility

UniPG students benefit from concessions and discounts on a series of urban and extra-urban transportation services:

  • APP "UP2GO”: app for carpooling dedicated to students and employees of the University, to save on travel expenses and at the same time safeguard the environment;
  • Discounted multi-trip carnet: discounted 10-trip ticket for urban transport;
  • Discounted urban and suburban annual passes - Busitalia;
  • Discounts on bus lines - Sulga;
  • Discounts on bus lines - FlixBus.

Food and accommodation

Doctoral students can access the canteen service of the University of Perugia (
Doctoral students can apply for use the guesthouse service of the University of Perugia. The description of the service is provided on the ADISU website (, the rate applied is the one called "OTHER USERS".

CUS Perugia and concessions for sports practice

The University of Perugia offers various services and sports equipment in order to complement the study programs with physical activity. University students can access the university sports facilities of the CUS (University Sports Center) through membership. The CUS is a sports association that provides students with a series of equipment and outdoor areas for the practice of various sports, both at an amateur and competitive level. Sports and activities offered at CUS include athletics, baseball, basketball, bodybuilding, boxing, cross-country / alpine skiing, dance, chess, fencing, fitness, soccer, gymnastics, ice skating, judo, karate, kickboxing and savate, lacrosse, skydiving, self-defense, running, rugby, safe driving, sailing, swimming, taekwondo, tennis, shooting, volleyball, and wrestling. The CUS also organizes winter and summer sports camps. The University has an agreement with sports facilities and centers located in every part of the city, where students can practice sports for free or at a largely discounted price. The list of affiliated facilities is available at the link

SASA - Spaces for Aggregation and Self-Management Study

The University provides students with self-managed spaces and infrastructures for study and cultural aggregation in main sites (Perugia, Terni, Narni, Bastia).
The capacity of each classroom and the availability of seats is available in real-time on the website. It is also possible to acquire information and provide feedback related to the classrooms through the Facebook page.

Choir and musical activities

The University has a choir - born in 1987 and then established in 1988 as a Cultural Association - comprising teaching staff, non-teaching staff, graduates, and above all students from all University Departments. The choir is present in all different events organized by the University such as conferences, meetings, and conferring of honorary degrees. Among other activities that characterize the Choir, there are twinning and cultural exchanges with the academic peers of all the major universities in Italy and Europe.


UniStudium is the official e-learning platform of the University of Perugia, on which it is possible to find the teaching material made available by professors, forums, and communications.

CLA - University Language Center

The University has a Language Center ( located in Perugia, in via Enrico dal Pozzo in the Monteluce district, reachable by public transport. The CLA is equipped with the most modern teaching equipment and offers services for learning foreign languages: Chinese, French, English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, German, and Italian for foreigners. The CLA provides all the help you need to pass the eligibility required by your course of study and offers courses at a higher level than the one already acquired, courses in languages ​​other than those contemplated in the study plan, and preparation courses to better address the exams for international certifications required, for example, to access foreign universities. The CLA also periodically activates specific language courses (TOEFL, IELTS, DELF-DALF, IBLV ARABO), available upon payment of a fee, courses for specific purposes that can be activated at the request of organizations, companies, or groups, and translation and revision activities of texts needed by the various university structures and the professors for their own institutional purposes.

Social networking platforms

The PhD Program offers students the possibility of having a chat service available via Slack (#phdiieunipg), with which PhD students can easily interact with each other or with teachers for administrative, didactic, or research matters.
The PhD Program advertises the events and initiatives through its Facebook page.

Medical assistance

The University, thanks to an agreement with the USL Umbria 1 and 2, guarantees free basic health care to non-resident (Italian) and foreign (European Union and non-EU) university students.
This is an absolutely innovative service in Italy, which favors the success in the studies of young people away from home and their integration within the local community, allowing them to benefit from outpatient or home visits and related prescriptions for drugs and/or specialist medical visits, provided by general practitioners and continuity care doctors.
Among the services offered are:

  • women's clinic service;
  • psychological counseling;
  • andrological prevention service, through free primary prevention and clinical screening service on risk factors and main pathologies which, if not identified early, can cause infertility and sexual disorders, carried out with the patronage of the SIAMS (Italian Society of Andrology and Sexuality Medicine).

Services for students with disabilities and/or SLD

The University of Perugia pays great attention to actions supporting students with disabilities and/or with SLD to guarantee them the right to study and encourage progressive autonomy and integration into university life. The services are aimed at those who may find obstacles in their study path and may not benefit from all the educational and relationship opportunities offered by university life.
The University is committed to guaranteeing the right to study of all students and has appointed a University Delegate for problems relating to disability and SLD and a referent professor for each Department (pdf).
To ensure the inclusion of students with disabilities, in addition to concessions on university fees, the use of tutoring services, inclusive technologies, and the preparation of a personalized educational project to be agreed with the Department Coordinator.
To ensure the inclusion of students with SLD in all areas of university life, the University provides, in addition to the compensatory and dispensatory measures provided for by current legislation, also an inclusive technology laboratory, and the possibility of developing a personalized didactic project. together with the contact person of your department and other inclusive services.
Among the services offered for students with particular health problems there are:

  • use of the Unistudium platform for sharing audio-video materials and presentations made in class;
  • reception at times suited to students' health conditions.

All information can be consulted in detail at the link

Interventions for communication barriers

In 2020, the University was the winner of a call issued by the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers for the implementation of the "ABACO (Abatement of Communication Barriers) project. Innovative technology and services for inclusion, education, and accessibility for deaf and hearing-impaired people."
ABACO makes use of the partnership of six entities (Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, IRCSS Burlo Garofalo, ENS Friuli Venezia Giulia, FIADDA Umbria Onlus, Perugia Hospital, University of Perugia) and aims to test a series of technologies aimed at supporting the communication autonomy paths of students affected by hearing loss of all types and degrees, favoring their learning and improving interpersonal relationships with teachers and colleagues.

Anti-violence service

This is a university service born from the desire to offer a space for listening and helping relations aimed at students, female students, and all the University staff (teachers, administrative/technicians, and librarians), in defense and protection against any form of violence and/or discrimination against women and men, to orient towards the services and activities existing in the area.
The service was born from the framework agreement between the University and a Temporary Association of Purpose (ATS), whose deed of incorporation was stipulated between the Associations: "Libera ... Mente Donna ets"; “Libertas Margot”, "Omphalos LGBTI", "Women Against War", "Pietro Vannucci Academy", and "Forum Donne Amelia", all operating in Umbria.
The objectives of the service are to offer support to women and men:

  • who suffered acts of violence;
  • who have witnessed or are aware of acts of violence and/or any form of gender discrimination, gender identity discrimination, or sexual orientation discrimination towards close people;
  • who want to understand if episodes in their life fall within one or more forms of violence and/or discrimination based on gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation;
  • in identifying a professional or a structure to refer to in order to receive concrete help.

This service is structured in such a way as to guarantee free interviews with the operators of the associations participating in the University project, both as a moment of discussion and as a space in which to receive welcome and advice to achieve their safety objectives and protection.

Counseling services

Since 2017, two services have been designed and implemented open to all students of the University, but with specific skills for disability and/or SLD: the FOCUS service and the Inl@b laboratory. The FOCUS is a structured service with two profiles: one for Psychological and one for Pedagogical-Didactic Counseling .

FOCUS - Psychological and Pedagogical-Didactic Counseling

It is a listening and support service whose focus is on the prevention and management of psychological problems, study, and learning difficulties for students during their university career. Specific interventions are carried out in support of the student component with disabilities and/or SLD.

  • Psychological Counseling Service
    Space for listening and support aimed at managing personal, relational, emotional problems, difficulties in exams, anxiety, and doubts about one's personal abilities related to university study that may emerge during the academic career.
    Interviews can also be held in English and Spanish. During the Covid-19 health emergency, the Psychological Counseling Service (FOCUS - Psi) activated a direct line with the students by carrying out interviews via Skype.
  • Pedagogical-Didactic Counseling Service
    Space for listening and helping relationships aimed at providing support in addressing the problems relating to learning processes, the redefinition of one's study method, and re-orientation, with targeted interventions for students with disabilities and/or DSA.
InL@b - Laboratory of inclusive technologies

The Laboratory, located in the Department of Philosophy, Social Sciences, Humanities and Education in Piazza Ermini 1, is a room equipped with information and communication technologies (ICT) hardware (video-magnifiers, special keyboards, tablets, etc.) and software (speech recognition, writing in symbols, construction of concept maps) useful for responding to the needs of all students, in particular those with disabilities and specific learning disorders (SLD). InL@b operators, in collaboration with the Pedagogical-Didactic Counseling, are available to identify and customize the most useful tools for setting up students' study method and for carrying out language tests at the CLA.

Career alias for people in gender transition

The University of Perugia has adopted, with DR no. 777 of 16 May 2016, an administrative procedure for people in gender transition that consists of provisional documentation to be used within the University while waiting for the path of rectification of gender registry attribution, provided for by law 164/1982, leading to the release of a definitive personal data documentation. The provisional documentation is called a double booklet or career alias: these are equivalent expressions that refer to the same administrative measure adopted by universities to guarantee and protect the privacy of people in gender transition within the university environment.