Dynamics of machines: Activities regard the modeling and simulation of the dynamical behavior of mechanical systems such as transmission systems, mechanical seals, concrete mixers (planetary mixers, twin shaft and turbine shaft mixers) and rolling mills. This research line includes non-linear dynamic systems, stability and self-excited vibrations, condition monitoring and diagnostics. Particular attention is focused on chatter and stick-slip phenomena.

Wear: The wear analysis process consists of the following elements: examination of the entire tribosystem , characterization of the wear situation, selection of analytical wear relationships, evaluation and verification of wear solutions. Goal of the research is to improve the performances of mechanical components despite to wearing action.

Lubrication: This activities regards numerical modeling and simulations of lubrication in different regimes: hydrostatic lubrication, hydrodynamic full fluid lubrication , mixed lubrication and boundary lubrication. The general approach is devoted to find out models that are in any case related to real and industrial application and the experimental validation.