The research activities carried out by our team originate from the idea that we live in a world where everything is connected: people, information, places, economic and social events, words in a text. A clever way to make sense of these connections is to look at them through the lenses of Social Network Analysis (SNA) and Text Mining, supported by Machine Learning methods and tools. The combination of these methodologies opens up unprecedented opportunities to develop business analytics, make sense of big data, read the collective mind and discover emergent trends and behaviors. We put together large-scale data analytics with the consideration of social contexts.

Our research is business-oriented and devoted to support managers in their strategic decisions. Among other things, we specialize in brand management (, organizational communication, organizational behavior, and innovation management.

In our research, we combine methods from network science, natural language processing and machine learning with theories from the social sciences, psychology, humanities and linguistics to advance knowledge and discovery about management and information systems.

We are part of the ICKN’s core team ( and work with colleagues from leading international institutions, such as the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence and the Northeastern University.

A selection of our publications is available here.