Electronic activity at DIEI can be gathered in 4 main fields:
Sensors, Circuits & Systems - This activity, mostly in the area of health monitoring, focuses on the design and test of CMOS Active Pixel Sensors integrated in VLSI sub-micrometer and vertical scale (3D-IC) technologies, on the development of a multi-channel analog front end for brain-computer interfaces (BCI), on a Lab-on-Chip (LoC) for viral infection diagnosis as well ason a real time dosimeter for Interventional Radiology.

Devices and technology - Activities are devoted to physical modeling and numerical analysis of semiconductor devices, to the study of thermal properties of micro electro mechanical systems and to the Silicon on Diamond (SoD) technology for radiation sensor and biomedical applications.

High Frequency - Activities in this branch are about RFID systems, RF Integrated circuits (RFIC), Front End design for telecommunication, telemetry and radiometers, System in Package (SiP) and interconnections. Most recently, specific attention has been devoted to solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Green Electronics - Organic devices and low cost recyclable materials (mostly paper) are adopted here to develop circuits using inkjet printing as well as adhesive copper tape. Design approaches suitable for Wide Area Electronics (WAE) applications are being carried on, among them: chipless RFID tags, Harmonic RFID systems and Systems in Package on Paper (SiPoP).