Information Engineering Curriculum Topics - Cycle XXXVI

  1. Business Intelligence in the Era of Big Data (A. Fronzetti Colladon)
  2. Microwave Sensors for Hydraulic Monitoring and IoT (F. Alimenti)
  3. Remote Sensing for Earth Observation with Machine Learning techniques (S. Bonafoni)
  4. Satellite Remote Sensing for hydrological applications (S. Bonafoni)
  5. Smart sensing for the IoT (P. Carbone)
  6. Molecular communications for interfacing and modeling living systems (M. Femminella)
  7. Machine learning and Statistical Techniques for the Robust Fault Diagnosis and Prognostics of Mecatronic, Robotic and Industrial systems (M. L. Fravolini)
  8. Bridging the gap between advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and nano-class Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for robotic applications (G. Costante)
  9. Visual Analytics for Big Data and Complex Networks (G. Liotta, W. Didimo)
  10. Algorithm Engineering and Parameterized Complexity (F. Montecchiani)
  11. Advanced radiation sensors VLSI design in CMOS technology (D. Passeri, P. Placidi)
  12. Intelligent autonomous vehicles and robots: solving the whole algorithm stack from visual odometry and SLAM to target driven navigation by using deep learning methods (P. Valigi)
  13. Network Design and Operation Through Artificial Intelligence in 6G (G. Reali)
  14. Wireless RF Systems for Industrial Application in Harsh Enviroinment (L. Roselli)
  15. Applications of Nonlinear Systems Modeling techniques (P. Burrascano)