Industrial Engineering Curriculum Topics - Cycle XXXVI

  1. Business Intelligence in the Era of Big Data (A. Fronzetti Colladon)
  2. Innovative and hybrid energy storage solutions coupled to RES plants with low or mitigated safety issues (L. Barelli)
  3. Enzymatic fuel cell technology for energy production from bio-sources (L. Barelli)
  4. Reducing CO2 emissions through CCU and green hydrogen technologies (L. Barelli)
  5. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling of trans- and super-critical multicomponent flows (M. Battistoni)
  6. Shape, colour and texture features for the analysis of two- and three- dimensional images: methods and applications (F. Bianconi)
  7. Development of procedures for fatigue-based design and vibration qualification of mechanical components (F. Cianetti)
  8. Development of innovative combustion systems for internal combustion engines, aimed at reducing pollutant emissions and energy consumption (C. N. Grimaldi)
  9. Development and optimization of a hybrid powertrain with multiple energy recovery systems (C. N. Grimaldi)
  10. Development of measurement techniques for Additive Manufacturing (R. Marsili)
  11. Design and analysis of modular grippers for robotics applications (M. C. Valigi)
  12. Development of experimental methodologies for the fluid-dynamic analysis of pre-chamber systems for spark ignition internal combustion engines (L. Postrioti)
  13. Design and management of industrial systems through Parametric Simulation models in the Industry 4.0 era (L. Tiacci)
  14. Applications of Nonlinear Systems Modeling techniques (P. Burrascano)