Information Engineering Curriculum Topics - Cycle XXXV

  1. Remote Sensing for Earth Observation with Machine Learning techniques (S. Bonafoni);
  2. Microwave RAdars and radiometers for drone-based Hydraulic Monitoring (MiRAHM) (F. Alimenti, R. Vincenti Gatti);
  3. Silicon integrated Built-In Test Equipments (SiBITE) (F. Alimenti, M. Tiebout);
  4. Machine learning and statistical techniques for the robust fault diagnosis of Mecatronic, Robotic and Industrial systems (M. L. Fravolini, P. Valigi);
  5. Advanced radiation sensors VLSI design in CMOS technology (D. Passeri, P. Placidi);
  6. Network Design and Operation Through Artificial Intelligence (G. Reali, M. Femminella);
  7. Molecular communications for interfacing and modeling living systems (G. Reali, M. Femminella);
  8. Business Intelligence in the Era of Big Data (A. Fronzetti Colladon);