BSc in Engineering Management

University of Perugia - Italy

BSc in Engineering Management

Created within the walls of one of the oldest universities in the world, Engineering Management offers a unique blend of engineering, information technology, management and economics to form a new generation of managers, ready to tackle the challenges of the future in marketing, manufacturing, AI and environment.

  • Three-year BSc course offering a unique blend of industrial engineering, information engineering and management sciences.
  • An innovative program featuring a thorough integration between in-class higher education and hands-on, real-life professional experiences.
  • A large network of national and international participating enterprises.

The first Engineering Management BSc program in Italy offering an inclusive and international experience entirely in English.

A multi-disciplinary in-depth curriculum

Our graduates feature a unique, and highly sought for combination of competences blending engineering, information technology and strategic management

Truly global

Our students come from everywhere in the world. Our BSc degree is aligned to internationally recognized educational and professional curricula on engineering and management in Europe and worldwide

Leaders of the future

We form skilled professionals, ready to take on the challenges of decision-making in a wide range of sectors and enterprises


Course Program

Engineering Fundamentals

Mathematics · Geometry · Statistics · Optimization · Physics

Business Management

Engineering Economy · Strategic Business Management · Marketing and Communication · Business Analytics

Engineering Information

Computer Science · Information Systems · Systems Engineering · Control Systems · Data Analysis and Modeling

Industrial Engineering

Manufacturing and technology · Energy Management · Facility Planning and Design · System Mechanics · Product Design ·Industrial Automation · Production Planning · Quality Management

Economics and Society

Organizational and Work Sociology · Industrial Economics

Internships & Studying Abroad

Carve your own path towards a successful professional career.

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Enrollment requirements

To be admitted, perspective students need:

  • A secondary school diploma, with transcripts
  • A valid student visa, depending on country of origin
  • A certificate of proficiency in the English language of level B2 or equivalent (see thresholds and conversion scales).

Note that applicants without a valid English certificate can still register as new students and are allowed to obtain the B2 qualification during their first year of study. English courses and exams are also provided by the University of Perugia.


Beauty of Italy

Living in Perugia

Perugia is one of the most important tourist attractions in central Italy, and worldwide famous for its international cultural events, such as Umbria Jazz and Eurochocolate. Perugia is also the home of the Foreigners' University, the oldest and most prestigious Italian institution specialised in teaching, research and promotion of Italian language and culture in all its expressions. Perugia hosts a thriving, multicultural environment. Full of history but open to progress, looking forwards to the next frontiers of innovation.

Campus Life

Engineering Management is held at the Engineering Campus of the University of Perugia, a modern structure at the outskirts of the city, distributed across multiple engineering schools, with a dedicated library, computing facilities, laboratories, a food court and a dedicated train station. We are at the geographical centre of a wide network of national and international enterprises, active across the entire spectrum of industrial and information engineering, covering sectors such as the automotive, aerospace, global services, energy, fashion, design, environment and computing. Our network spans multiple countries, with plenty of options for student exchange opportunities.


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Via G. Duranti, 93 - 06125 Perugia, Italy