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Magnetic field exposure systems for the study of ELF effects

Scritto da  Mercoled√¨, 19 Marzo 2014 16:58

E. Cardelli, A. Faba, N. Palotti, M. Pompei and F. Tissi - INTERMAG 2012, 7-11 May, Vancouver.

Abstract - This paper deals with the design and the experimental verification of two distinct magnetic field exposure systems for applications related respectively to the in vivo and the in vitro analysis of the magnetic field effects at extremely low frequency ELF. The performances of the two systems in exposure uniformity, magnetic induction and frequency range are discussed in the paper, and verified with a dedicated series of experimental tests. Finally some information about the level of temperature and vibration increase expected and their control are given, in order to show the capability of the exposure systems presented to be efficient tools for magnetic ELF exposure studies not affected by typical artifacts produced by this kind of mechanical parasitic effects.
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